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The meteorological drought indices dataset for Spain offers historical information about meteorological drought conditions, according to different meteorological drought indices, with a 1.1 km spatial resolution and a weekly time resolution (4 time-steps per month). The calibration period for the indices is 1961-2014. Additional technical information on the dataset can be found at: Vicente-Serrano SM, Tomás-Burguera M, Beguería S, Reig-Gracia F, Latorre B, Peña-Gallardo M, Luna Y, Morata A, González-Hidalgo JC. A High Resolution Dataset of Meteorological Drought Indices for Spain. Data, 2 (3): 22 (2017).


The data from the Meteorological Drought indices dataset for Spain is made available under the Open Database License. Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License.

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